"Raising chickens naturally"


Come see us at the Tallahassee Farmers Market, Saturday mornings, 8:00 - noon, at the corner of Thomasville Rd and Kerry Forest Pwky, 

Coming soon - Pre-order pick-up in Panama City, FL

Chicken season is in full swing are here.

Day old chicks are sent via USPS from our trusted hatchery, So Big Farms, in Texas.  After a quick dip of their beaks in water, it's into the brooder for food, more water, and warmth.  A few days later, we'll double their space, and within 3 weeks they're out on the pasture.  

With only 25 to a chicken tractor (mobile, open-bottom coop), our birds have plenty of space to move around.  The tractors provide shelter,  protection from predators, and allow them access to the grass, bugs, and fresh air and they are moved to fresh grass every morning.

Because the first food they receive is on our farm, we know exactly what goes into them, forage and non-GMO S&M Farms feed.  We also process on-farm so we can ensure the most natural and humane treatment until the very end.

​​​​​​​​​​In the beginning

"Just a small backyard flock" my wife said.  So, we started with 7 chickens in the backyard of our 1/2 acre  lot in a subdivision.  We've since expanded to an 8 acre property and over 300 laying hens.

​​​Raising the laying flock

It's all starts in the brooder with S&M Farms non-GMO feed.  4 to 6 weeks later it's time for the chicken tractors.  The girls are moved to fresh grass daily, but are protected from predators by the structure.  When everyone is big enough, it's time for the big coop.  

​​Our Girls

We believe happy chickens lay the best eggs.  Our girls have large fenced run areas, but often free range the property.  They always have access to fresh grass, dirt for bathing, and plenty of shady areas to escape the Florida sun.

​Why we do it

Our desire to homestead and produce healthy, natural, nutrient-dense food for our family has grown into a passion to produce the best quality chickens and eggs for our community. 

Our Products:

Farm Fresh Eggs

Chicken - Whole & Cuts

Non-GMO Livestock Feeds

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